The True Essence of Christmas (Morning)


Romans 14:11-19


Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God does not consist of food and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Christmas Eve is hugely popular and diversely celebrated around the globe. Because Australia IS mostly tropical climate and arid desert or semi-arid region, Christmas always comes in summer. People would gather around the beaches and created a ‘snowman’ made from beach sand. Many families in Poland would eat fishes the night before Christmas, it’s called Wigilia. Then at Christmas the next morning, they would visit their friends and colleagues, regardless of their beliefs. In Nigeria, they lit fireworks all night long. In India, instead of using a plastic Christmas tree, Indian Christians would often use a full-scale banana bush or mango tree. They would decorate their homes with mango leaves as well and put a burning oil lamp outside their houses to symbolize: Jesus, the light, is born.

How about you? What do you have in mind when someone said Christmas? A long queue at your nearby stores? 2 meters tall Christmas tree with presents scattered neatly under it? Nice, appetizing Christmas Eve meals? A game or two with your family? Funny stories? A time to be around as one and pray together? Or maybe, a delightful voice of church’s choirs? Or perhaps, children with their nativity plays?

But for now, let’s go back in time. About two thousand years ago. A time when God put ‘Christ’ in ‘Christmas’. When He gave His only, beloved Son, to this world. Left His divinity behind and embraced His mortal body. To redeem our sin by painfully died for it. Let it sinks for a moment, and then we could finally grasp it: the true nature, the true essence of Christmas. It’s solid proof how our LORD loves us unconditionally. There’s a reason why as Christians we are obliged to celebrate Christmas, to let the world know and understand its true Savior and Salvation. To make His name glorified even more. To bring joy for the unfortunate one and bring peace to the world.


Christmas, a JOYFUL and PEACEFUL eve and festivity.


1. What does Christmas mean to you?
2. In your opinion, why Christmas is called the moment of true joy and peace?
3. What should we do as Christians, to give this yearly celebration a true meaning?


“O God, I am grateful because of Your everlasting and great love You showed me by giving Your only Son, Jesus Christ. I am truly grateful and overjoyed. Now it’s my turn to spread Your kindness and glory around me, to let others know who You are and how great Your love is. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


2 Kings 4-6
Luke 24:36-53