The Up and Down Life


Proverbs 4:1-27


Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Riding a roller coaster is certainly a tense and fun experience for fans of adrenaline rushes. The train is driven at high speed, the passengers are brought up, then dived down. Whoever rides it will feel like his life is at stake. Even though some people feel dizzy and have unbearable nausea, most who deliberately ride this vehicle will feel very entertained and enjoy the sensation they feel.

The ups and downs of the roller coaster are fun, but it’s a different story if our lives go up and down. Like Andy’s married life, for example, his household was always filled with arguments with his wife. They both hurt each other, making it increasingly difficult for them to communicate properly. Sometimes after listening to sermons or receiving input from fellow believers, Andy’s heart was strengthened that his household can be restored and her family will be a happy and blessed family by God. But that feeling didn’t last long. When he returned to the big fight with his wife, his heart filled with anger and hatred. He was eager to end the marriage he had built for a dozen years.

Andy is an example of a man whose soul has not been completely healed, easily goes up and down. Today can be optimistic, next week can be very pessimistic. The day can be very exciting, but just having a little trouble can feel down right away. It is such an exhausting life. Like a flat tire being pumped, it will flat again tomorrow. A tire like this couldn’t possibly go very far. Thus, a life that continues to experience leaks due to a soul that has not yet restored, can’t walk far to victory. We need to experience complete restoration, not only forgiving but also completely healing from emotional wounds. Only then will we be able to be grateful and see God working extraordinarily, fulfilling every promise in our lives. Jesus bless you.


People whose hearts and souls have NOT RESTORED TOTALLY  will experience a life that is EASILY UP and DOWN.


1. How would you see your life now? Are you one of those people whose lives are easy to go up and down?
2. Try to check yourself, is there still a wound or something not right in your heart and soul?
3. What steps should you take to be able to experience a complete recovery?


“Father, thank you for teaching us the importance of experiencing complete healing. You know everything about me. Heal our hearts, souls, and spirits. Let it be healed and let us receive restoration for Your grace so that our life will be meaningful and you can use it for Your work. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”