The Wounded Soul Makes Us Difficult to Get Close to God (Noon)


Psalm 73:1-28


Psalm 73:21-22 Thus my heart was grieved, And I was vexed in my mind. I was so foolish and ignorant; I was like a beast before You.

Most people are often hiding real conditions from the outside world. There is a truth to it because not everyone needs to know about our problems. But usually, people who are just being silent and not trying to seek help or a way out think that they have already forgotten what hurt their hearts and souls. Assuming that they can move on, but the fact is the wound is still there and gawking in their hearts. They only try to cover the wound with pseudo comfort or a temporary solution that does not last long.

The heart and soul wounds that happen repetitively and never get treated accordingly will make it difficult for us to get close to God without us realizing it. We want to grow and bear fruit, but always experience setbacks in the end. We actually long to serve, but always end up with problems and frictions. We actually have the heart to follow the movement and receive anointing, but our lives have never really experienced a great or meaningful transformation. To the point that it feels tiring to go with Jesus.

This life that is filled with challenges, tribulations, and frictions will be very tiring if we do not draw close to Jesus. If we only rely on our strength, we will quickly lose encouragement, tired, and weary. We will always need to be given a new encouragement, prayed for, be encouraged, and so on. Do not even think about helping and saving others, it feels like we are not even able to raise ourselves and need help from others. All those are due to the wound within our souls which have never been completely healed. Those wounds will consume our energy and thoughts. Come, do not let our souls suffer any longer, do not doubt and afraid to come to God. No matter how bitter our hearts are, even we still do not understand the meaning, feeling stupid or dumb, but just stay still on the feet of God. Because only by being close to God alone will we receive restoration, TOTAL HEALING of our hearts, souls, and bodies. Making us new beings who are ready to be sent on the great mission of God to save souls.




1. Is there any wound that has not been healed in your heart right now?
2. What is the impact of that wounded soul in your lives?
3. Have you realized that the grace of God is greater than each of your struggles? Would you like to receive the gift of restoration and total healing from God?


“Lord Jesus, help us to be bold to open each of our heart and soul wounds before You so that You can heal them completely and make us new beings. The ones who are ready and able for You to send to bring the lost souls back to You. Thank you, Lord. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”