This Thing Could Affect Your Inner Peace (Morning)


Isaiah 32:17 The work of righteousness will be peace, And the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.

Leah was currently struggling. She felt her daily routine and schedule pressed her. She was busy from dawn to dusk. Leah thought that her tightened schedule started right after the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Her office ordered her to do her job from her home. Besides that, she must tend her home, cook, do the dishes, and accompanying her children doing their homework. Wasn’t end there, she served in her church as well. To make matters worse, weeks after she resigned after her church’s services, she cannot sleep well and her heart found no peace. Almost late she found the answer: it’s not because of her overwhelming schedule she couldn’t find peace, it’s because she had lost her spiritual life.

Sometimes two or more choices are held before our eyes. We are forced to choose one without entirely know how things would turn out. When things turned out to be ugly and unsatisfactory, we regretted our previous choice, followed by anxiousness and losing our peace. Especially when we are not letting God decide it for our wellbeing, our guilt would grow exponentially, followed by disappointments or even blaming Him for our self-inflicted misfortunes.

Our choices could influence our peace. Therefore it’s highly advisable to ask for His guidance and advice, especially if your choice affects your spiritual relationship with Him in the future. Ask Him anything at any time: your career, your future spouse, your study, everything. Let Him take control of our lives, lead it and bring it to a successful and prosperous life. He will always pick the best choice for our lives. But first, build a healthy relationship with God, with Holy Spirit, by continuously following our church’s rhema. When we could maintain our “inner fire” therefore our relationship with God, we could hear Him whispers and hear His voice guiding our every step we take.


Your DECISION influences your state of PEACE.


1. Why decisions we make could influence your inner peace?
2. Have you ever made a wrong decision? What did you feel?
3. Tell us some concrete plans about applying today’s rhema in your daily routine.


“O good Father, give us Your divine wisdom, and lead our very steps, to make sure our decisions are not us to make but it’s all Yours. With all Your guidance and assistance we may achieve a state of tranquility and peace yet we never achieved before. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Psalms 89-90
Romans 14