To Greatest Peace and Beyond with Wonderful Counselor (Morning)


Isaiah 9:1-6


Isaiah 9:5 For a child has been born to us, a son has been given to us. He shoulders responsibility and is called: Extraordinary Strategist, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Once upon a time, a devastated man walked to a hut to meet a sage. Without any hesitation, he told the sage his predicaments and sufferings. The sage just nodded and listened intently. After the man finished, the sage gave him a wooden bowl filled with water. The sage then pours a handful of salt inside the said bowl. He then asked the man to drink a salt-water cocktail. After just a sip, the man spat it out. The old sage asked What happened? Why did you spit it? The man replied: it’s so salty. Then the sage returned to his kitchen then took a hand full of salt then placed it in a wooden bowl. “Let’s take a walk,” the sage said. After a few minutes, they found a pond with clear water and beautiful scenery. He poured the salt into that pond and then stirred it with a stick. The sage asked the man once again, to drink from that pond. After quenched his thirst from a lengthy walk and saltwater, the sage asked “How does the water taste?” “It’s refreshing” the man replied. “Is it still salty?” “Not at all”.

The sage smiled and then said: Son, the amount of salt I use is the same. The only difference is the vessel from which you drank it. It’s just like your troubles and hardships. The number of your sufferings are just the same. It’s just how your heart responds to it. If your heart is just as big as a wooden bowl, your troubles seem to be unbearable. But if you try to put it in a pond, your troubles seem disappeared, you could no longer taste the salt even though you saw I poured the same amount of salt inside. Broaden your heart. Do not let your troubles make fun of you. Acquire a heart that could accept all the troubles without being affected by them. Have a heart as big as this world”.

So many people boastfully said that they are the most brilliant people in the world. The wisest. Especially when people quoted their words and sayings. But as the world rotates, and time goes by, they would soon be forgotten. Things would be different if we ask our Wonderful Counselor. His counsels would ease our minds and soothe our souls. His words are easy to discern and straightforward. It’s important to always listen to Him and put His advice as to the highest priority. Get close to Him and He will lead your life into a prosperous one. A life full of peace, joy, and glory.


Jesus, THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, will lead us to a life full of PEACE and grace.


1. Can you find and feel peace in your heart every day?
2. In your opinion, how does it take to maintain your inner peace at a steady level or improve it?
3. What are your commitments to apply today’s rhema?


“Jesus Christ, I am grateful because You always be there for me. I believe Your counsels and advice will lead me into peace and provide me with assurances. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


2 Kings 19-21
John 4:1-30