When Our Soul is Totally Restored, We Can Face All Challenges (Evening)


2 Timothy 1:3-18


2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Disappointment. It is the feeling that is most often and easily experienced by all human beings. Naturally, we humans want things to go well and smoothly. In fact, we can never control other people or situations always according to our hopes and desires. And this makes us finally disappointed. The failures we experience are also a factor in the emergence of feelings of disappointment. We feel like we did our best, gave our all, but we still fail.

If this feeling of disappointment is allowed to drag on, over time it will cause bitterness in the heart, loss of hope, or become anger. Without us knowing it, our souls that were originally created by God, clean and healthy, are now contaminated with various negative feelings. And just as a body that is continuously exposed to contamination will gradually become sick, so our souls which are eroded by disappointment, hurt, bitterness, prejudice, anger, and so on, will become sick. People who are mentally ill, easily give up or respond negatively when they are met with challenges. They become emotional, defensive, selfish, often stressed, depressed and a myriad of other negative things, which of course make it difficult or even hurt others.

Speaking of disappointment, it’s good for us to learn from Jesus. Jesus, who because of His great love for us, was willing to come to earth to surrender Himself so that we might be saved, was slandered. Jesus was often cornered and often bullied. And most disappointingly, when Jesus needed to support the most, the disciples whom He loved so much left Him. Alone facing humiliation, torture, and punishment He should not have received. But the love of Jesus STILL UNCHANGED, He did not become disappointed and changed His decisions. He remained strong, enduring everything He had to face to accomplish His mission to come to earth. Today, if any of us are still hurt, come to the Lord immediately. Receive complete healing of our souls. Because only those whose souls have fully restored will be strong in facing various kinds of challenges and achieve great victories in the apostolic mission that God has entrusted.


Having a TOTAL RESTORED SOUL makes us STRONG in facing all kinds of CHALLENGES.


1. What are some signs to you that your soul has experienced a complete restoration?
2. Why would people whose souls have not been restored, find it difficult to carry out the mission of God?
3. How is the attitude of your heart after your soul is totally restored when facing various kinds of challenges?


“Jesus, thank you for coming to completely heal and restore our souls. We are aware of the many challenges that lie ahead, but we believe, with a fully restored soul, we will be able to carry out the apostolic mission well. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”