With The Holy Spirit, No Obstacles Can Hinder or Stop Us (Evening)


Luke 1:26-38


Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible

Mrs. Limyana Wati, a beloved congregation of GBI Keluarga Allah Semarang city, testified sometime ago
that she had several symptoms in her body which indicated the presence of cancer cells. At the same time, the family’s economy was in very bad shape. Mrs. Limyana’s sorrow was greatly multiplied as her husband no longer cared about her. Praise be to God, in the midst of the fierce storm, this precious lady decided to worship at our new church in Semarang. She was ministered lovingly by the church ministry team and continuously received prayer support. Mrs. Limyana regained new strength afresh from the Lord.

With diligent worship and prayer, God brought mighty restoration to her health and the economy of her family. Mrs. Limyana continued to walk in the guidance of the Holy Spirit as she persisted in her strong faith. Eventually, God touched the hearts of her husband and children. They now worship as one family at GBI Keluarga Allah Semarang. Even more extraordinary since the pandemic, this family has been attending online church services at home. The parents-in-law who lived with them also attended and joined our church services. They also grew in faith as they walk deeper each day with the Lord.

Perhaps many of us are carrying the burdens of insurmountable problems and difficulty in our life at this time. Huge mountains of debt, illness, misunderstanding, and wounded hearts are standing in our way. However please remember beloved that this year God has given us an extraordinary rhema. This is the year of the Holy Spirit. Now is the time the Holy Spirit will manifest in ways we never imagine possible within the church. Nothing is impossible for Him. With the Holy Spirit, no obstacles in 2021 can ever hinder or stop us. When Holy Spirit goes to work, any challenges regardless of their size, have to move and disappear from our life. We shall be taken to soar high like the eagles. This year is not a year without hope, far from it. Instead, this year is the turning point where we will achieve spectacular progress and we will keep on soaring higher. With the Holy Spirit, we will be unlimited and unstoppable.


With the Holy Spirit, no obstacles in 2021 can hinder and stop us.


1. What mountain you are facing that is hindering and stopping you at this time?
2. Any specific revelation that you receive from this evening devotion?
3. What is the initial step that you should take to begin the walk with the Holy Spirit?


“Heavenly Father, we are so grateful that this year You have given us an extraordinary rhema. We receive it with faith and we will rise to walk strong with the Holy Spirit. We shall be able to overcome all obstacles and even achieve great victory this year because of the works of the Holy Spirit, it is never dependent on our might or power. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”