Without Love, All Is in Vain (Morning)


Isaiah 30:18 For this reason the Lord is ready to show you mercy; he sits on his throne, ready to have compassion on you. Indeed, the Lord is a just God; all who wait for him in faith will be blessed.

The Ephesians as mentioned in the Book of Revelations was considered an extraordinary example. They were obedient, energetic, enduring, sound in doctrine, and untiring. They had all but one: they had lost their first love. It made them fallen from a high place and grace. Such a shame, their struggle was intense but it didn’t please God.

If you no longer feel any sign of “first love” it doesn’t mean that you give it up. Everybody could lose it too. Sometimes it affects greatly those who commit themselves to services. Become ushers, singers, dancers seem usual because they want to praise and worship Him but because they are obliged to do so. It’s oblivious for us at first, but when it resurfaces, you’ll realize, how tiresome it is. Simply because you lost your primary drive. Your primary fuel.

This year is called The Year of the Holy Spirit. That means the Holy Spirit would dominate our works and lives. What would happen if this year of Holy Spirit but you found out that you no longer have first love? You cannot be a major player or get an important role to play, you will be a spectator, a stranger in His grand picture called miraculous and glorious life. Want to come and join? Our David’s Tent is 24/7. Every morning we have Morning Altar. Live streaming with Ps. Obaja every Wednesday and Thursday. Online services and sermons which you can watch and download, free of charge. He wants to make our lives better.


Return to Holy Spirit, OUR FIRST LOVE, He is always faithful WAITING and LOVING us, unconditionally.


1. Are there certain things that could potentially distract you from God? What are those?
2. Are there difficulties with maintaining intimacy with God?
3. In your opinion, what would likely be happening, if you lost your first love? What would you do to prevent it?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, we are certainly sure and know that You will bring us closer and closer to new spiritual breakthroughs. Enable us, straighten our focus and hearts. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Nehemiah 10-11
Acts 4:1-21