Worship God when Fast and Pray (Noon)


Psalm 44:9 In God we boast all day long, And praise Your name forever. Selah

Have we ever imagined what would happen if humans only ate but did not drink, or vice versa? The answer is that humans cannot survive on food or drink alone. Both are needed by the body in a balanced manner. If physically, humans need to eat and drink, likewise our inner man needs a balanced diet. We not only need fasting prayers but also need to praise and worship God. Each of them has important role so we cannot choose one of them.

Keluarga Allah is very well known for its 24/7 worship (David’s Tent). Even before the pandemic, people from outside the city and abroad came to be able to worship here. All because there were too many miracles that the churches experienced through this. It is all because of the praise and worship raised there. Unconsciously we can spend hours there praising and worshiping God because His presence is real. Everyone present could experience an intimate moment with God. When our spirits meet His Spirit, that’s when we enter the spiritual dimension, where there is anointing and God’s power at work so that miracles can happen easily.

The David’s Tent opened in our church was inspired by King David who was well known as the worshiper of God. Besides that, King David was also very serious about fasting. He understood the importance of fasting and prayers accompanied by worship. King David knew that both of them were very dear to God and made him closer to God. Yes, when we fast, humble ourselves and pray, we are seeking God’s face. But when we worship God, God is looking for us, because He is looking for true worshipers. This means that when we pray and fast together with worship, we and God will meet at a meeting point that is much faster. In this extraordinary moment, it is at this point of our meeting with God that our prayers will be answered by God. Miracles, super breakthroughs, and revival that we have never experienced before, will happen in our life.




1. Why do you think it is necessary to combine fasting and prayer with worship praise?
2. Have you combined fasting and prayer with worship praise? If not, what is your commitment?
3. What did you experience and feel after you combined your fasting and prayers with praise and worship?


“Lord, we long to be your friends just like David. We want to learn to do what David did, to fast and pray and worship You in spirit and truth. We want to have an intimate relationship with You so that we can live in You, and You in us. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”