Blessings for All Seasons (Sunday)


Psalm 1:3 He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.

Pine trees can survive in all seasons. It is called ‘evergreen’ because the leaves stay green in any season. They can live in snowy mountains and on coastal lands. It’s all because root and trunk system, which makes it strong in all circumstances.

This is also God’s plan in the life of us His children. God established and designed us so that we could survive all seasons of life. As God’s children, it is impossible for us to escape from the various seasons of life because we are still living in this world: there are times when there is a season of abundance, sometimes there is also a season of drought. But there is one power that God has given to us children of God, that is, we can not be affected by all these seasons of life. In the season of abundance, we can bear a lot of fruit, and in the dry season, we can still produce sweet fruit. This is the power that God has given us, which makes us different from other people who are not God’s children. The key is one thing only, which is to follow and do every instruction of His word.

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We, the children of God, will remain BLESSED IN ALL SEASONS of life.


1. What season is currently happening in your life?
2. What are you experiencing at this current season?
3. What commitment will you make so that you can always experience the blessings in every season of life?


“Father, we are thankful to be Your children so that we are not affected by whatever season happens in our life. Thank you for the blessings that You always provide for us in all seasons. Teach us to obey Your Word, so that we can always enjoy Your blessings in every season. Thank you, God. In the name of the Jesus, we pray. Amen.”