Divine Confidence Comes from Close Relationship with God (Noon)


Psalms 118:1-29


Psalms 118:6 The Lord is on my side, I am not afraid! What can people do to me?

The old testament first mentioned Joshua in Exodus. Our Joshua actually was born bearing the name Hosea ben Nun, from the tribe of Ephraim, house of Joseph. His name was changed because Moses usually called him Joshua, which means, “God is salvation”. He accompanied Moses everywhere. He also climbed Mount Sinai but ordered to stop halfway because Moses ordered him to do so. He waited patiently while Moses speaks to God and watches HIS back. When God commanded Moses to build the Tabernacle, as a place to seek GOD’s will. Inside it, GOD spoke directly to Moses, and while Moses had done, Joshua patiently still waiting inside the Tabernacle, waiting if GOD wanted to speak with HIS lowly servant, Joshua.

This act showed us how Joshua wanted to get closer to GOD. He had an intimate relationship with GOD and GOD really took his prayers and wishes seriously. This closeness made Joshua dared to ask something improbable and impossible. He asked God to make the sun stand still over Gibeon and the moon over the Valley of Aijalon. For a day, the sun stood motionless until Israelites took their rightful vengeance against the Amorites.

GOD loves such confidence, and to prove it, GOD fulfilled his impossible wish. The reason why Joshua had his confidence because he had an intimate relationship with GOD. Divine confidence is different from pride or arrogance. Divine confidence exists because of our close relationship with God because we depend on our lives and our faith in Him. With this new confidence, our lives not only be totally healed but we have a new drive to ask something impossible before. Something that could change the history of our lives to a better one.


God LOVES it when our confidence COMES FROM OUR CLOSE and intimate relationship with Him.


1. How do you assess your current relationship with God?
2. What drifted you away from God? And how will you plan to do to improve it?
3. Anda? How does your close relationship with God could affect your self-confidence?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, we yearn to get closer to Your side. Not only in our prayer times or meditation, but we also want to improve it to be a new better relationship. In every second of our lives, we yearn to build this strong relationship as Joshua taught us. We want to believe what Joshua did when You are on our side, nothing we could not accomplish. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”