Divine Confidence (Sunday)


Psalm 44:1-26


Psalm 44:6-7a For I will not trust in my bow, Nor shall my sword save me. 7 But You have saved us from our enemies,

One fine day, a very famous acrobatic offered his audience who would dare to be carried by him across Niagara Falls on a rope. Even though by then all the spectators had seen that not once the acrobatic failed to cross Niagara Falls even with a load, but still not a single spectator dared to volunteer to be carried by him. There was only one young man who confidently dared to step forward to be carried by the famous acrobatic. Finally, the acrobatic and the young man arrived across Niagara Falls safely. Who is that brave young man? It turned out that the young man was the son of the acrobatic. He was confident not because he was brave or able to cross Niagara Falls on a rope, but that his confidence came from his belief in his father’s abilities.

Maybe we have heard this story many times, but this story is sufficient to describe how we can build divine confidence in our lives. Self-confidence is not based on our own abilities, but self-confidence based on God’s abilities and what God has given us in our lives, and what God says about us. Having divine self-confidence will greatly determine the success of our life.

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Have a DIVINE CONFIDENCE that is based on GOD’S ABILITY, WHAT HE GIVES, and WHAT HE SAYS about us.


1. Have you developed divine confidence in your life?
2. In your opinion, what are the obstacles to building this divine confidence?
3. What commitments will you make so that you can have a strong sense of divine confidence in your life?


“Lord, we are grateful because You created us special and You have Your Holy Spirit that You give in our lives so that all things we can endure in You give us the ability. When You are on our side, there is nothing that we cannot face. Thank you for Your love and power available to us Lord. Let this divine ability that You give us will always be able to glorify Your name. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”