Do Not Let Our Focus to The Holy Spirit be Shifted (Noon)


Ephesians 5:18 And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit,

Jessi is a housewife with two toddlers. In her daily life, apart from taking care of children, she works from home. Working while taking care of her two children is not easy, as if 24 hours were not enough for her. She often feels very tired when night falls. When she has just a little free time, she will spend her time doing her hobby, which is watching movies. For her, watching movies is a form of refreshing to refresh her mind.

Apart from being a career woman and a housewife, she also takes part in church services. However, because of her very busy activities, Jessi often feels bored doing her ministry duties. When her family and work matter is finished, she wants to rush to freshen her mind by watching her favorite movie. But then the Holy Spirit reminds her of the times when she first entered the ministry. How fiery she was serving God. The harsh rebuke then makes her realize that she has to immediately commit to being able to win over her flesh. She eventually repents.

Often the bustle and all the hustle around us make our focus diverted. We spend more time with our work and hobbies than we spend with the Holy Spirit. This becomes the devil’s weapon to weaken us and draw us further away from the Holy Spirit. As a result, if we allow it to continue, over time our spirits can die and we can lose our first love for the Holy Spirit. Therefore, open the eyes of our hearts and realize that everything is the work of the evil one. Do not fall for his ruse. Let us rise to defeat him and fight to fall in love with Him again.


DEVIL and THE WORLD can shift OUR FOCUS from the Holy Spirit.


1. Do you now feel that you are losing your first love with the Holy Spirit?
2. What usually diverts your focus from the Holy Spirit?
3. What commitment did you make to fall in love with the Holy Spirit again?


“Lord, forgive us if being busy keeps us away from You. We want to commit to change and fix our spiritual life. We long to be able to love You with our first love, O Holy Spirit. Touch our hearts and always guide us so that we can build a more intimate relationship with You. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”