Do Not Let Thieves Steal Our Peace and Joy (Evening)


John 10:1-21


John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.

There was a time when Baghdad was devastated by an unknown plague. It took an astronomical amount of life. An afternoon, a man was riding his horse towards Baghdad. He was oblivious to what’s going on in Baghdad. Unknown to him, behind him, a man with black clothing and riding a black horse following him. The man took a closer look at that stranger. He was a well-built man and his face was concealed under his black hood. His horse had sickly red eyes, blood dripping from his foamy mouth. And then, hiding his fear he casually asked the stranger: who are you, good stranger? And what’s your purpose heading to Baghdad?

The stranger replied: I am the king of the plague, and I come here to claim what’s mine. Eight thousand souls, dying because of the plague. The man, terrified, screamed: that’s a lot, good sir. The stranger simply answered: it’s nothing compared to what comes next. Someone, more terrible than me, would claim at least forty-two thousand more. His name is Fear. He will claim what’s left behind by me.

Today’s illustration clearly explains Satan’s modus operandi. He always snatches, takes, destroys, and lay waste to everything he sets his eyes into. Before he can take our souls with him, he will try his best to snatch our happiness or take our peace forcefully. This year, the Year of Glory may be the year when our careers were taken away, our lives were ruined. But today’s rhema reminds us: our LORD’S protection is far stronger. His light would come, let’s believe that. This time of the year especially, His light would illuminate brighter and more dazzling than previous months.


Satan IS ALWAYS TRYING to STEAL and DESTROY our peace and joy.


1. Do you constantly in fear or anxiety?
2. Do you understand that it was Satan’s work?
3. What will you do to thwart his sinister plans and reclaim your peace and joy again?


“LORD, we believe, even though the world is in chaos and disaster, but Your Divine protection is always with us. You will provide us with joy and peace. We don’t want Satan to influence us again. We want You, we want Your Holy Spirit, to influence our thoughts and behaviors instead. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”