Don’t Let Oppresion Hurt and Break Our Heart (Noon)


Psalm 9: 1-21


Psalm9: 9 The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble.

There is a toy called boxing balloon. It challenges us to punch it as hard as possible until it collapses. But no matter how hard we hit, it will always stand back up. The harder we hit it, the faster the balloon will get back up. The secret is a lead weight at the base that keeps it upright.

A sailing ship operating at sea applies the same principle as a boxing baloon, which is to use a ballast. Tin weights on the hull keep the ship balanced and upright when it is swept away by waves and strong winds hit. In both boxing baloon and sailing ships, tinweights serve to make them endure in all circumstances. Likewise, we humans have a “weight” to be able to stand upright even when being hit and under various circumstances. As written in today’s rhema verse, “The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble.”

We all live in a world that is often filled by oppression, humiliation and so on. Many of us have or have experienced it. But today’s rhema verse strengthens all of us, that even if we are oppressed or humiliated, we have God who enables us to continue to stand upright with a smile like a boxing baloon. The whole world can oppress us or humiliate us, but don’t let it hurt and break our hearts. Stay abiding and draw close to God, He is the only refuge for us. He won’t let us in a state of distress. Guard our hearts.


The whole world can oppress us as well as humiliate us, but DO NOT LET IT HURT and BREAK our HEARTS.


1. Is there some oppression or distress that you are experiencing right now?

2. Did it ever hurt and break your heart?
3. What should you do to apply your daily devotions?


“Lord Jesus, thank you for all Your kindness and mercy to us, we believe You are always there for us. Even though we are in a state of distress and no one understands us, you are still with us, being a refuge for us. Thanks God. In the name of the Lord Jesus we pray and give thanks. Amen.”