Feeling Peaceful when Our Hope is Fulfilled (Noon)


Proverbs 13:19a A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul,

We often encounter life conflicts resulted from unfulfilled expectations. Some people even question whether God really exists, because after all these years their request never gets an answer from God. This is what Solomon wrote in the book of Proverbs, A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul. There is a relationship between hope and desire. How far it can be fulfilled and how long it will take. This is a problem in our daily lives, in the family, and work, and ministry.

Everyone must have certain desires and hopes in life. The happiest thing is when all those hopes come true. Yes, it is natural for us to be peaceful and joyful when all of our hopes are fulfilled. But what if among our hopes, it turns out that there are some that you have been praying for earnestly for a long time and produce no result? What if there are still challenges and problems that we cannot overcome and solve? Or we still have longings that have not come true?

What we need to remember and realize is God is providing space for us to learn to grow. The pain and disappointment that we feel, can make us feel bigger and appreciate each process. When reality doesn’t live up to expectations, it doesn’t mean our plans are falling apart, but rather being rearranged by God to produce something more beautiful. Even though the situation is difficult, stay optimistic and think positively. Believe that behind every incident, God wants to mature and strengthen us so that we can still be peaceful even though our hopes have not been fulfilled.


It is REASONABLE for us to feel peaceful IF all our hopes are FULFILLED.


1. Are your hopes fulfilled? What are they?
2. How do you feel when your expectations are met?
3. What lesson does God want you to learn from your unfulfilled expectations?


“Lord, thank you for Your goodness and blessing You have poured out upon our lives. Teach us to always be grateful and have peace in all circumstances. We believe, Your plan for our life is always the best. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we have prayed. Amen.”