Flesh Will Dominate us When We Loss The Thirst for God (Evening)


Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Bron Clifford was a talented and fiery missionary. People thought that he would dominate churches for a long period. People were willing to wait for hours to listen to his preach. In a seminar at Baylor University, someone cut the rope to the tower bell as it was considered interfering with his preach. For two and a half hours, students of Baylor sat still listening to his seminar titled Christ and the Philosopher’s Stone. At the age of 25, Clifford touched even more lives. He inspired many nation leaders who competed for his attention. Hollywood even tried to over him the main role in the movie “The Robe”. In 1954, however, he got addicted to alcohol and lost his family, service, and health in no time. He left his wife and two children with nothing. Bron Clifford died at the age of 35 in a dirty hotel on the side of Amarillo, Texas.

We all know how Solomon, in the beginning, was full of thirst for God. Unfortunately, he failed to maintain his spirit’s thirstiness. When Solomon lost the thirstiness for God, worldly pleasures infiltrated and dominated his life. Only in his last days that he realized his wrong deed, and he said in the book of Ecclesiastes, everything is meaningless.

What is our priority today? Is it the thirst for a successful career, a wealthy financial state, or popularity and cathedra? We are not saying that all these are wrong. We should be thirsty to study and successful because we will achieve nothing if we don’t. But make sure that we need to be more and more thirsty for the Holy Spirit above everything else because He is the only source of satisfaction that will not disappoint. Be hungry and thirsty for Him. Chase and wait for the Holy Spirit. Your life will be satisfied, and we will be able to say that our life was not in vain.


When WE lose the THIRST FOR GOD, worldly pleasures will INFILTRATE and DOMINATE our life.


1. Why should you not lose your thirst for God?
2. What sort of earthly pleasure invade and takes over you when you lose the thirst for God?
3. How do you restore your thirst for God?


“Lord Jesus, forgive us for letting fleshly pleasure invade and dominate our life. We want to be thirsty and want more of You all over again. Help us, Lord, to maintain our thirst, for you are the only source of true satisfaction. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray, Amen”.