God’s Unfinished Works (Morning)


John 5:14-20


John 5:17 So he told them, “My Father is working until now, and I too am working.”

There was a well-known potter in town. He was an elderly man with years of experience and lots of apprentices. He specialized in making vases. He gave every customer a piece of paper detailed the information and when they could come and pick their orders. With his crafty hands, it would take weeks or months depending on its complexity and details. The potter didn’t mind if you came and watched him and his apprentices, as long as you didn’t bother them. When you came, you’ll find that your vase isn’t quite finished yet. Maybe it’s on the kiln? Or some artists painted it? But when you came at the right time and day, you’ll find it. The old potter was sitting inside his studio, with your vase in hands, about 90% done. Waited long enough and he will give you your vase. A piece of art, worth your time.

Our ‘potter’ does the same every single moment. We are waiting for our vases, our prayers, to be answered, or at least, responded by the potter. Then we would visit His workshop every time just to make sure He put some effort into our prayers. Is He really working on my prayers? You may skeptically ask. Even when the world is supposed to take a break, He would never take one. Even on Sabbath, He is working. When He said something He will do it. When you ask, He will answer it, and His answers and responses are far beyond your expectation.


2020 is near ITS END. But there’s God HAS NOT FINISHED HIS WORK YET.


1. What kind of promises you still hope He would fulfill in your life? Do you still believe He will answer it?
2. In your opinion, why it is important to keep believing and faithful while you are waiting for His responses?
3. What do you have in mind to keep your faith while waiting for His promise?


“Good Father, I believe that You will let me witness Your Glory in no time. I want to stay faithful and focused. You haven’t finished yet with my life and my future. You will make it a blessing. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


1 Kings 12-13
Luke 22:1-30