Great Vision + Actions = Glory Manifested (Morning)


James 2:14-26


James 2:17 So also faith, if it does not have works, is dead being by itself.

Israelites were blessed by God Himself. God gave Canaan, a land of milk and honey. But His promise was not free. To prove their worth (and because of another reason) for forty years they had to wander in the desert. They had to fight for it, defend it from invaders, reclaimed it, and repeat. But He never let them fight on their own. He always helped them. Under Joshua, His guidance was more intense. He led them, He gave them strategies on how to defeat their enemies. On how to bring down Jericho’s wall. How to deal with Ai. When Israelites swung their swords and took action, they proved to God their worthiness and in turn, God led them to victories after victories.

When things got worse, it was normal for Israelites to give it 120%. They tasted defeat more than once. They were cornered, yes. Defeated by the same enemy, yes. If it must be done then it’s must be done. Israelites fought willingly and fiercely. When the priests prayed for their victory, the warriors unsheathed their swords and put on their armor. They win because they could balance between action and vision.

That’s how God wants us to do. Some of us may still remember enthusiasm when God said that 2020 was the year of the LORD’s Glory. There are things that He would change our lives to be a better one. But one thing we should put into consideration, faith alone is not enough. He wants us to take action and initiative. He wants us to use our limbs, get our hands dirty, and our minds sharp. Our vision alone would be nothing if we don’t put it into action. Act now and He will do the rest. He puts challenges to strengthen our mind and body, to develop our spirituality. There are challenges to make us prepared if God wants us to reach the next level of glory.




1. What do you have in mind to welcome this year?
2. In your opinion, what can make your plans and resolutions go smoothly?
3. Then, what is your part in it?


“Lord Jesus, thank you for your great promises in our life. We never doubt that You could fulfill it for us. But we know, O Lord, that we must strive and so that Your promises are fulfilled in our lives. Always give us strength, wisdom, and guidance so that we don’t give up in fighting for these promises. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”


2 Chronicles 1-3
John 10:1-23