He Can Restore Our Lives (Evening)


Job 5:1-27


Job 5:9 Who does great things, and unsearchable, Marvelous things without number.

Our church member once had an interesting experience regarding God’s love in his life. It was 2017, his financial statements were in bad shape. His assets were liquidated, his house as well. But he still firmly believed in His mercy and help. He still did his duty, shared his tithes regularly, sowed prophetic seeds, and did his services in the church. Our amazing LORD took action, within one short year, he managed to repurchase his assets. God entrusted him with a new, bigger house. Not only that, God gave him some lands and properties to manage. Is that all? When this outbreak emerged and devastated others, he tried to sell face masks, his financial growth increased exponentially.

Bible never talks about eradicating our troubles and sufferings at all. When we look back, we would find that every great protagonist in the Bible never went smoothly at first. It was an intense journey. Either old testament or the new one, it was all the same. Even Jesus Himself. He readied Himself, be born into a mortal, struggling with hardships and excruciating death, because of what? He wants to save us, then and now, from the dangers of eternal damnation and sins. Seeing how we struggle every day doesn’t make Him idle. He always helps, even with unorthodox means.

Perhaps, there are some of us right now, neck-deep in our predicaments. Perhaps we were disappointed or dissatisfied by our closest friends or relatives, lives in miseries or worst, have their lives destroyed and ruined. Your hearts and souls are no longer intact, scattered like ashes. Rise and stand up, His light is coming right to us. We should be grateful because our LORD is never falling asleep and His words are amen. When we truly believe in Him and let Him take control of our lives, nothing is impossible. We will be dumbfounded and awestruck because of how easy He put us out from hardships and sufferings.


He will shake us with wonder when we see HOW EASY IT IS FOR HIM TO HELP US out from our miserable and ruined lives.


1. Did you feel your life is ruined and miserable and seemingly without hope? Why did that happen?
2. What kind of God’s help did you ever experience firsthand?
3. Have you already getting closer to Him in times of hardships and failures?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, we are grateful because we have You as our LORD and savior. You never let us alone and always be there for us. God, we firmly believe there’s nothing impossible for You, You could restore our lives, however, ruined or miserable they are. In Your hands, You will shape our future and lives for Your Glory and kingdom expansion, for our family and people around us. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”