Keep Fighting Until You Can See Greater Glory (Morning)


Luke 1:26-37


Luke 1:37 For nothing will be impossible with God.”

There’s a list: Thomas Alva Edison, failed 1.000 times before finally could invent the light bulb. He casually answered: the lightbulb was an invention with 1.000 steps. Harland David Sanders was turned down 1.009 times before finally, he could sell one! A late bloomer who’s started his business at 65. Then the legend once said: I don’t fear the man who has practiced 10.000 kicks. I fear the man who practices one kick 10.000 times. His name? Bruce Lee. Something that could reach 1.000 is not an easy accomplishment or achievement. Determination, sheer will, and focus are the keys. At some point in their lives, maybe 250-times milestones or 750th they thought that it was a complete waste of time and energy. But here they are. Each is well known in their respective fields of mastery.

Once Prophet Elijah also encountered the same situation. When God promised to make rain falls after the Israelites kill Ba’al priests, nothing happened. Did he give up? No. Instead, he kneeled down, then prayed wholeheartedly. Once, nothing happened. He prayed twice, still a dry scorching sun with no cloud. When he raised his head for the seventh time, a tiny cloud appeared. But let’s go further if after the seventh prayers that cloud didn’t emerge, will Prophet Elijah continue his prayer? If let says, GOD will make it rain if only Prophet Elijah, prayed until, 1.000 times, will he do it? The answer is yes. We are talking about Prophet Elijah here.

Now let’s put ourselves in Prophet Elijah’s shoes(or sandal or even barefoot). Could we endure it? Could we continue our prayers after the third time with no visible response? New year’s Eve is only 19 days left. Some of us may think, it’s no use to believe that this is the Year of Glory, what could happen within 19 days? Today’s rhema tells us otherwise, He still working on it. Look now, our all-powerful and Almighty LORD is busy doing something miraculous, and here we are, losing hope and faith, become an ordinary child of the world. No more 100% effort, it’s outdated. Give it 120%, give it 1000% of your effort. No more maximum effort, right now it’s your best effort. Let the Holy Spirit lead your way. He will enable us to do impossible feats that we don’t know we could accomplish before.


Put your best effort and let HOLY SPIRIT lead your way, this YEAR OF GLORY will be brighter and GREATER than ever.


1. Have you seen His glory manifested in your life recently? Do you believe that He can bring you higher and higher?
2. Why do you need to put your best effort together with the Holy Spirit?
3. What will you do to accomplish such a feat? Please write it down.


“Jesus Christ, I am grateful because Your promises are yes and Amen. I believe that You are bringing me a brighter future and a more glorious life. O LORD, give me strength, enable me to keep fighting and follow Your lead. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


1 Kings 21-22
Luke 23:26-56