Made in The Image of God, Our Creator (Morning)


Isaiah 43:1-5


Isaiah 43:4 Since you are precious and special in my sight, and I love you, I will hand over people in place of you, nations in place of your life.

Pieces of art may still be a complex conundrum even to this day. Some may have a hefty price and the others may not be so lucky. Let’s take a closer look at Banksy’s Girl with Balloon. It was sold at London Sotheby’s in 2018. Defiantly, Banksy installed a remote-controlled paper shredder inside Girl with Balloon’s frame. The spectators and bidders watched in horror when right after the auctioneer knocked his hammer, Banksy activated the shredder and turned £ 1,04 million pieces of art into £ 1,04 million white ribbons.

After the bidding, Banksy changed its name: Love is in the Bin. Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s senior director stated “Banksy didn’t destroy an artwork in the auction. He created one.” Later Alex Branczik quoted “First work in history ever created during a live auction”

Sound familiar? It’s because He created us, an image of His likeness and resemblance. But our past experiences may ruin our image. It doesn’t matter at all. Just like £1,04 million Girl with Balloon is still £ 1,04 million of Love is in the Bin. Your past life may have been ruined you badly but still, it never changes your worth in His eyes.


Our God LOVES restoring His children’s SELF-IMAGE and CONFIDENCE.


1. How do you assess yourself?
2. In your opinion, what makes people lose their self-confidence?
3. Why does He love to restore His people’s self-image?


“Good Father, I am grateful because You have lifted me up, sent me from darkness to Your glorious light. I am grateful because You restore my ruined self-image and then change it to become a better one. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


2 Samuel 3-5
Luke 14:25-35