Do Not Let Your Spirit Dry Up


John 4:5-14


John 4:14 “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Let’s imagine this kind of scenario: you catch a cold, terrible one. You feel awful. Your body aches. You have a splitting headache. And your mouth feels dry and numb. Every meal that you eat becomes tasteless at best and bitter at worst. Do you get the idea? But no matter what happens, you have to eat something or else you’ll be malnourished and prolonged your medication process. Our condition could become worse than before because our body has not received any sustenance it desperately needed. So, no matter how awful it tastes, our families, colleagues, and even doctors encourage us to eat something. Even if they must forcefully insert a tube through your mouth into your stomach or intravenous saline solution.

Our spiritual body feels the same. Bad news, anxieties, hardships, worldly pressures, and stresses are major contributors to our spiritual health decline. How to diagnose the threats? We started to lose the passion to pray and attend services. We rarely read and study the Bible. In the most severe case, we no longer have that same blazing love to serve Him. If we continue to neglect this warning it’s only a matter of time when our spirit would begin to wither and dying or worse, totally extinguished.

All we need to do is just stand up. No matter how hard situations or conditions may seem to be. Stand up, raise in Christ. Pray and ask for His help. Push yourself to attend praise and worship session. Force yourself to read His divine words and contemplate His rhema. It could be a tough time for you but it’s good for your spiritual health. Stay close to Him, and you’ll feel a fresh breeze of prophetic winds that came from the Holy Spirit would blow down and refresh this arid desert of your heart. He would give us joys and laughter instead of fears and worries, so we are prepared to be His champion to tell the world how great He is.


DO NOT LET BAD CONDITION make your spirit DRY.


1. What do you feel if you in the middle of some crisis?
2. How that affect your spiritual health?
3. What will you do to prevent your spirit to become withered and dying?


“O Jesus, no matter how deep I am in the middle of a crisis, I always believe that, within your presence, I could tap into new life and strength. O good Father pull me back into Your arms if this world starting to keep me away from You, because only in Your arms we could find ourselves being revived. Thank You O LORD. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


Genesis 16-17
Matthew 5:27-48