Relying on God’s Wisdom (Noon)


Proverb 3:13-14 Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding; For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, And her gain than fine gold.

Reni felt great relief after defending his thesis with great mark. Of course, it was because she worked hard. Waiting for graduation, Reni got an offer to work on a fairly respected company. He was thrilled; even when he hadn’t had his testamur yet, she has already got a job offer. She immediately decided to take the offer. She was lured by the salary offered by the company. However, not even after three months spent in the company, she started to feel uncomfortable, hence decided to resign.

She got another offer in a school after her graduation. This time she asked for God’s wisdom to choose the right thing. When she got to the school, she felt peace and comfort in her heart and decided to accept the job offer. Reni likes her new job and teaches the students wholeheartedly. Two years later, she became an exemplary teacher in her school. She represents her school in various competitions. She also got an offer for an overseas scholarship.

When we face a tough decision, don’t count on ourselves. If we walk alone dan rely on others, we might be mistaken and disappointed. But when we rely on the unlimited wisdom of God, we will be victorious. The more we rely on God, the more fruitful we will be. With God’s wisdom, we will decide correctly to find solutions for our problems. Hence, come to God when we face difficult circumstances such as health, financial, work or family. As Him for wisdom. Have faith that the Person Behind us will support and grant us power and victories.


The more we RELY ON GOD’S WISDOM, the MORE FRUITFUL we will be.


1. Have you been counting on God’s wisdom? If not, why?
2. Why do you think counting on God will make you more fruitful?
3. What are your experiences counting on God’s wisdom? What fruits and outcomes did you get?


“Father, grant us Your wisdom to do Your will. We believe that by counting on your wisdom, our life will be fruitful. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”