Stay Thirsty for God (Noon)


2 Timothy 1:14 That good thing which was committed to you, keep by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

As a new soul, Andre was thirsty and hungry for God. He was passionate for every sermon and full of joy in his cell group. He grabbed and did everything his church leader say. Overtime, many things happened in his life. He faced alternation of problems and challenges. His spirit started to fade away and his faith became wavered. He lost the appetite to pray, and when he did join sermons, he didn’t pay close attention. He became more interested to overcome his problem rather than looking for God.

As believers, we often become impatient waiting for God’s answer. We feel that God must immediately intervene to solve our immediate problems. When answers are delayed, we begin to doubt God, we feel like God doesn’t notice and love us. Our faith loosened and we start to depend on our own strength. Such thing would not have happened if we maintain our spirit thirsty for God. Because the greater the thirst the less concern we are on our personal matters.

This doesn’t mean that we should abandoned our daily obligations and duties. Any problems of life will be easier and burdenless with the thirst for God. For miracle of God will come automatically to deal with our problems if we put God first and look for Him wholeheartedly. His favor, love and blessing will be poured upon us who are thirsty for more of Him. Let us use this moment of fasting to train our spirit to stay thirsty for God, and witness how He satisfies us with everything that is good and noble far beyond our expectation.




1. Have you ever lost a thirsty spirit for God? Why?
2. What happened when you lose the thirsty spirit for God?
3. Knowing that a thirsty spirit for God should be maintained, how would you do it?


“Holy Spirit, we know that we need You. Anoint, take and lead us through today and the rest of our days to become sensitive on Your guidance. Let the thirst for You be in our heart, and let us be your servant for the glory of Your name. In the name of Lor Jesus, we pray, Amen.”