The Best Life Strategy is to Live with The Holy Spirit (Evening)


John 20:19-23


John 20:22 And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.

A great strategy is a key to success. That is what Harry believes. He calculated everything when he wanted to open a business selling fried bananas. Target market, the banana quality, regular operations, and so on. He studied everything carefully. He had a target to open at least 4 branches in his city. Besides, he created a brand and listed it for sale online. He was very ready to go about his business. Unfortunately, however, the pandemic began to spread. What he had planned so well and carefully, ultimately the results weren’t what he had hoped for.

We, humans, are indeed capable of making good strategies. But what is the best of man, cannot beat the strategy of heaven. Living with the Holy Spirit is the best strategy above all the world’s most perfect strategies. When we decide to live together with someone, there is no way we can just stay silent. We will talk nicely to him and invite him to live together. After that, we try to have good and intimate communication with him. We will think of him as an equal partner, and ask his opinion when making decisions.

To live with the Holy Spirit, we need to invite Him and receive Him into our lives. After that, we also need to build an intimate and real relationship with the Holy Spirit. More than a limited human being, the Holy Spirit who is omnipresent, can always exist whenever and wherever we are without being hindered by space and time. We can work with the Holy Spirit, study with the Holy Spirit, look for projects, or whatever we do in all sectors and areas of life, we can engage and do it together with Him. When we do this, the power of the Holy Spirit will manifest itself and we will be guided by Him with divine wisdom and understanding so that what we do will be successful.


Above all good strategies, walking with the HOLY SPIRIT is the BEST STRATEGY.


1. How important is a strategy for you?
2. What is the best strategy you make for your vision?
3. Have you walked with the Holy Spirit as your strategy? In what way?


“God, thank you for the Holy Spirit in us. We long to be immersed in You. Guide us so that we can always live side by side with the Holy Spirit and we can always do everything according to Your plan. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen.”