The Key to Being Fruitful (Morning)


2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.

Bella is a devout Christian. She is her uncle’s favorite and she loves her uncle. But she wants her uncle to convert because he is a non-believer. Bella firmly believes God will do the rest. A week before her birthday she asks her uncle a wish: to attend Sunday service with her. Her uncle relents and for a whole week, she prays and fasts. When finally they attend the service, she is disappointed. Instead of a young vigorous pastor, her church was visited by an elderly one. That elderly pastor’s sermon is boring and almost puts her to sleep.

Along their way back home, her uncle just drives silently. Inside, Bella is angry, why did God answer her prayers with that pastor? After calming her nerves down, she surrenders all in His hand. Almost an uneventful week passed by, and her uncle suddenly asks her if he can attend the service once again. She is overjoyed and surprised. After a few months, her uncle asks to be baptized. While driving back home, he tells her a secret. When she first asked him to attend the church, he was surprised to see how old the pastor is. This almost dying pastor gave him a new insight into his life. What would he go if after he dies? What would happen? Bella just nodded but at heart, she thanked the old pastor and gives praises to God. She understands now why God chooses the old pastor.

There are things in this world that we cannot predict. We cannot control things the way we want them to do. After a thorough examination, analysis, and execution there are still flaws. Our point is, depending upon this world is a useless, futile attempt. By doing so we only increase our disappointments and improve our chance of failure. There is no superior intelligence, connection, capital, or status that can save us from dissatisfaction, but how well our relationship with God is.


External factors have nothing to do with BECOMING FRUITFUL, but it’s about RELYING ON HIM always.


1. Are there things in this material world that you always depend on?
2. If you rethink that right now, do you feel that those things make you more fruitful and productive?
3. Then what does happen if you truly depend on Him instead of those in this material world?


“Jesus Christ our LORD, forgive us if we still depending on this world instead of You. Right now we understand that nothing can guarantee our success besides You. You are our sole supporter in life, the one we always believe in and put our hope in. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Ezekiel 20-21
James 5