The Only Way to Find True Peace (Morning)


Isaiah 48:17-22


Isaiah 48:22 There will be no prosperity for the wicked,” says the Lord.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a prosperous kingdom under the foothill. This kingdom was blessed with a magical spring. This spring could quench their thirst. They may queue to drink that water freely. Some may scoop it with their own hands, some may gulp it directly, the other took no restrain, would dive, cannonball style, and let the magical water seeped through their skins and pores.

No matter how severe the drought, its water supply never dwindled. But it had one restricting caveat: the water would vaporize into thin air if it brought away from the spring with any vessels. The spring must be enjoyed there.As long as history could tell, human civilization always starts from nearby rivers of water bodies. Water is the most essential part of human life. More than half of our body mass is comprised of blood, and blood is water. Our spiritual body needs ‘water’ as well. God is our primary and sole source of water. He will quench our thirst and rejuvenate our lives.

The problem is: not much understand this plain truth. We trivialize our spiritual lives and make them withers. Then when catastrophe struck, we lost ourselves and have no place to run or depends on. But our God is gracious and He always opens His door and waits for us with extended arms. He will patiently listen to our problems and solve them. He will lead us with His mighty hands and delivers us from dangers.


Our INNER PEACE would be disappeared if we GET TOO far away from God, the true source of peace.


1. How does your heart condition recently?
2. Why our peace would be diminished and dwindled if we stay away from God for a prolonged period?
3. What will you plan to do to stay in His path and regain your inner peace?


“Good Father, I want to be beside You at all times. Because You are my true peace and joy. Lead me and don’t let me go astray. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.”


2 Kings 17-18
John 3:19-36