The Power of Prayer and Fasting (Noon)


Matthew 17:21 However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

When Jesus came down from a mountain with His disciples to the people, one of them approached him and beg him to save his child who was suffering from epilepsy. He said that he had asked the disciples to pray, but his child remained sick. When the child was brought before Jesus, He yelled at the demon, and it left the child’s body. Seeing that instant healing of the child, the disciples asked Jesus why they could not do what He just did. Jesus replied that all they needed was faith. He also reminded them that some particular demons could only be cast through praying and fasting.

Just like a hierarchy in a government or institution, evil spirits have different ranks. Private-level demons might be cast with prayer only. While for general-level demons, which are more powerful and evil, we need to also fast to cast them. When in a long-prayed and unresolved struggle, we may be facing a much powerful demon. We need to fast to have a more powerful prayer to conquer the demon.

Yes, prayer and fasting are the answer for every burdensome and unresolved problem of life. The burdensome issue of health, work, family, spouse, school or finance will be easy to deal with by praying and fasting. Fasting prayer enables us to pull off impossible things. Let us come to Jesus, surrender in His presence with prayer and fasting. When we genuinely fulfill prayer and fasting, God will perform His magical works. He works in ways we have never thought before, for what is impossible for men is possible to God. Just like the unprecedented resurrection of Lord Jesus, our struggles in life will be taken care of unprecedently with His help.




1. What is your goal of praying and fasting?
2. What seemingly impossible things have you experienced when you are praying and fasting?
3. How do you genuinely execute the fasting prayer?


“Father, we want to take part in the movement of praying and fasting. Help us to perform the fasting prayer genuinely. We believe that what is impossible is possible when we pray and fast. In the name of Lord Jesus, we pray, Amen”.