The Requirement to Experience God’s Glory (Noon)


James 2:14-26


James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

While jumping around, Freddie the Frog accidentally falls into a box. He panics and tries to jump as high as possible so that he can get out of the box. However, all of his efforts go in vain. It turns out that the box is much higher than his jumps. A voice startles Freddie and says. “ You’re wasting your time, you won’t be able to get out of this box. Just give up and accept your fate.” Freddie keeps looking for the source of that voice and realizes he is not alone. There is another frog trapped with him. When he looks around, he finds quite a lot of dead bodies and bones of frogs. The box has had numerous victims.

The other frog tells Freddie what he has tried, and how other frogs, that are now dead, had tried to escape. In the end, they all gave up because they failed. But Freddie won’t give up. He thinks thoroughly to find a way out because he doesn’t want to die in that box. He believes that there must be a way out of here. He then begins to pile up the dead bodies and bones as his stepping stone. Finally, Freddie manages to escape and save himself.

Sometimes, we face situations that seem impossible for us to go through, and our faith begins to wither. We are tempted to give up. Today, God teaches us, that the requirement to experience His glory is to not only have faith but also being diligent and persistent. Working diligently but not believing in God’s promises will also be in vain. We may succeed, but we cannot reach up to the level of glory. On the contrary, a strong heart and faith without an effort is an empty hope. Therefore, do not lose your spirit. This month, God will pour out His glory that is even brighter than ever before. Strengthen your faith and arise to put in your best effort and let Holy Spirit lead your way.


The requirement to experience God’s glory is to not only have faith but also being diligent and persevering.


1. Which one are you, the one who only believes, or the one who only takes action?
2. What does God want you to do so that you can experience His glory in your life?
3. What does need to do to strengthen your faith while doing your best diligently and persistently?


“Father, we know that Your timing is always the best for us. You’re never late in fulfilling Your promises. We believe, Father, that we will experience Your glory in our lives. Please give us a faithful heart that always holds onto Your Words, and we as well keep putting our best effort with perseverance and in faith. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.”