There’s a Glorious Purpose behind Your Life’s Hardships (Morning)


Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Corrie visits her friend’s house in Italy. Her friend owns an olive garden and small scale olive oil factory. Then Corrie tells her friend her current problems. “My life is a mess! God always says that His children’s lives would be fully blessed and glorious. But look at mine now! I’ve been exiled by the same company that I made successful. I’ve been demoted, with less salary and allowance. After knowing that I’ve been demoted, my fiance broke up with me. Less than a month later, I saw him with another woman. My father died because of cancer. I almost lost my apartment and car. Why does He let this happen?”

Her friend, sees her struggles, let her finish. Then he suggests her take a short walk in his family’s garden and small factory. He explains the entire process olive must endure making high-quality olive oil. “First, we shake the olive from its branches. Although it’s a small scale factory, we own a mechanical tree shaker.” “Then, a motorized engine draws 600 kg wheels to grind the olives into a paste. Finish? No. We press the paste with a tremendous amount of weight to squeeze every last drop of olive oil. Because it still opaque, we cannot sell it as it is. We must purify it. We force the half-finished olive oil into a set of fine mesh, to discard any impurities and dirt. Only after that…” Her friend stops, shows Corrie a bottle of olive oil “we bottle it. As you can see. It’s crystal clear right now. No impurities no contaminants. Just pure extra virgin olive oil.” Her friend then continues “Your life’s pressure is God’s way to extract the goodness from you.”

We are His olives. If your life turns upside down, then it means He shakes you from your comfort zone. If you stumble upon the same mistake and hardships over and over again, it means He turns you into a paste, just to make you draw more concentrated goodness within you. He wants you to be pure. He only wants the best ‘olive oil’ on His table, extra virgin olive oil. He wants you to be pure to let you join with Him at His banquet and experience glory together with Him.


God ALLOWS hardships and obstacles in our lives because He knows it is GOOD for our lives.


1. What troubles do you currently have right now?
2. How do you see and respond to it?
3. What do you have in mind to let Him intervene more in your life?


“O good Father, we know that our lives problems, hardships, and obstacles are meant to do us only goodness and glory. We want, in our difficult times, to still be able to see You and give thanks. You are able to change our lives and lead us into salvation and glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”


Ester 1-2
Acts 5:1-21